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Due to complaints, this section had been temporarily removed - now it's back.


In an effort to keep with the times, I've started an off-site blog. This
method of listing photographs and entering text into one collective archive
makes for an easy to use record of thoughts. Please find the most up to
date information regarding my dealings with art, culture, people and products
HERE at FALSE FRONT. If you have any questions and/or concerns, please
keep them to yourself.


I went back to the Wagner last night for that Mark Dion lecture and ran
into the gift shop woman. I asked if there was any word on the work of
famed wood-carver Mr. Douglas and she said they had called a meeting
later that evening, after we left, to discuss the possibility of pulling
the Joseph Douglas dioramas and putting together an exhibition of his work!
She hadn't heard anything since, but thinks it may actually happen sometime
in the future. I'll keep checking back and let you know if anything ever
comes of it.

I know I mentioned Mark Dion's work briefly to you and last night he gave
a comprehensive slide survey of most of his life's work. You'd really dig
it and should check him out sometime. A lot of his major pieces involve
meaningless archaeological digs where he'll set dimensions on a particular
section of earth, excavate the contents, bring them to the gallery where
he's set up a laboratory for pulling, cleaning and cataloging all of the
items he's found that are a result of material culture. That's where the
display cases come into play. He designs them (unfortunately he doesn't
make them himself) specifically to fit the discovered contents and arranges
the items to fit his visual expectations which have nothing to do with the
science of archaeology. He very recently did a project with Bartram's Gardens
here in Philadelphia - which is another historical mecca of natural science
in which I think you'd be very interested. His work is probably some of the most
interesting of any living contemporary artists I've ever met (or not met). Also
one of my favorites.

Although his lecture was quite visually and intellectually stimulating, it
was somewhat a disappointment. He mentioned nothing of the Bartram's Gardens
project and rescinded his offering of Q & A to follow his presentation.
As though he was rushing to make an appearance at some more prestigious
venue, his mic was off before he had completed his last sentence.


Hey again brother! These 2 letters are more communication than I've had
with you in the last 2-3 years combined, at least! Funny how that works.
Hmph. Well, I've come down with a little end-of-summer cold. I feel like
poop. Oh, and I lost my I.D. & bank card on Saturday. Ugh. _____ & I went
on a 32 mile bike ride out of the city and they must have just popped right
out of my pocket. It's been a few bad days.

But, looking ahead... my roommate & I are having a dinner party this Saturday.
Probably a cookout and cocktail type shin-dig. He's getting this killer rib
rub recipe from his uncle. I'll probably make zucchini (cut lengthwise) in
balsamic vinegar marinade.

I don't have much to say today. I'm kind of in a pretty bad mood, but thought
I'd try writing anyway.

So, have you gotten a lot of letters?

I gave Dad your address.

Mom said you might go to a rehab soon. That sounds good, I guess. What do you
think? I don't know what is good and what is 'old hat' to you anymore.

I hope you've been staying off the dope. You should take a stab at
life without all the shit. It's not that bad. It can actually be the best
shit ever. I think that being on a bike in the open sun, wind at my face
with no real destination is probably my favorite thing.

Oh, and lying on my back in a lake under clear dark sky with stars enveloping,
ears submersed - all you hear is the sound of your underwater arm circles
to stay afloat and all you see is endless universe, like no one else exists
and you're all that ever mattered - as though closing your eyes would make it
all disappear but you blink and its always still there.


Yesterday, we visited Yellowstone National Park with Sandra and her
two children. She and her husband are no longer together. Rosie and
Lou had egg salad sandwiches and the rest of us dined on smoked
salmon. The weather was gorgeous, the views breathtaking, and the
tourists overweight. Sweatsuits prevailed and Connie said that the
bathroom stalls were 9 of 10 clogged; no doubt full of the processed
peddlers' hotdogs, beef patties, sausage links, and condensed cheese.

"Please don't wear your Uggs with tank tops," one was heard yelling
after another.

"Mommy, why is that girl's pants tucked into her shoes?"

"Because she can't find her personality, dear."


Sometimes I wonder about Sarah. She told me yesterday that her last
pair of underwear was worn under the pants of her other lover, Sammy. 
Her idea of a fun time is something like showering naked in the YMCA with
an inner tube under her shoulder.  It's not like she's not okay, it's just that
it can become misleading when people don't really understand. 

We observed the tomato plants in her father's back yard last Wednesday;
he's an unusual cat as well. He uses stencils to sign his letters and
bank notes.

"Surely we can plant ivy on the terrace tomorrow," he shouted at his wife.

"No, the ferns are meant for inside!"


It's not like she isn't fun most times, it's just that her insane sense of
being is hindered by the fact that she's in love with her brother's father.
She has said that it's only a matter of time until he notices, but I say that
they want everyone to know that they're hungry. It's no wonder Shauna said 'no'
that last time we were in town. They devoured all the potato chips and half
the sour creme dip. I think it's ranch flavor.

It's the least we could have done to help; especially when Roger insists on
retreating to lower ground. It's a wonder they stay together.

Nagging can't last forever.


Karl says that he doesn't like that flavor anymore, but he swears by the color.
The yellow isn't lemon enough and the blue isn't grey enough. His tie matches
Kelly's pants, but that isn't enough to wear to Shirl's wedding. Her husband
wants everyone to be wearing mauve, but Les wants pearl. 

The buffet will be charged with grey matter and underage drinking.

Salina said she'll wear her fuscia cardigan with an olive sheath dress.

and it's too bad that Laurie is a size eight.


My size ten shoes are brown and they won't go with the dress they want me to wear
in Ashley's fashion show. 'Desert Rose' was made for a smaller body and they
promise it fits her as well as an extra large should.

"You can't wear black with that belt"

"He decided it goes with the orange instead"

All of these things couldn't add up to the fact that tuna was not being
served for dinner. They offered the eggs benedict for brunch,
but that could never satiate Perry's penchant for biscuits.

Instead, the road trip offered plenty of smeat and english muffins,
Buddy Boy.